Photo Competition Terms 

We at HDEW Cameras like to showcase the brilliant work of our customers and followers. We will run regular themed photo competitions that will request a single photo entry be emailed to us before the competition end date to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

The prizes will vary but will almost always be a product from our website. Each competition will have one winner chosen by our team and the prize will be clearly outlined in the entry information.

When you send us your photo entry you are agreeing for your photo to be shared on our various social media channels, our website and affiliated websites and with our mailing list. We will credit your photo with your full name - unless a specified pseudonym is requested. We are not responsible for the sharing of this content or its use once it's live - but we will of course ensure that the original high resolution digital copies that you send us are kept safe on our servers.

We cannot ship the prizes to non UK addresses and we reserve the right to re-run competitions if we do not receive enough entries. 

If you have any questions regarding the photo competitions, please contact our team via the main email address sales@hdewcameras.com.