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Canon Extension Tube EF 25 II

Two new Extension tubes , in the same 12mm and 25mm lengths as previously available, have been redesigned to accommodate new EF-S mount lenses and its extended rear elements.

Canon Extender EF 1.4x III

Extend the reach of your lens without losing image quality.

Canon Extender EF 2x III

Increase your lens' focal length by 2x without sacrificing image quality

Canon Extender RF 1.4x

Extend the reach of select Canon RF-mount lenses with the Extender RF 1.4x. This teleconverter magnifies the image by 1.4x and retains full communication between the lens and camera body, enabling metering, autofocus, and image stabilization as well as the transmission of Exif data. Additionally, the Extender RF is dust and water resistant and has a heat shield exterior to ensure optimal performance in a range of conditions.

Canon Extender RF 2x

The EXTENDER RF 2x is the perfect choice for enthusiast and professional photographers seeking more magnification from their RF lenses. Doubling focal length, it is ideal for press, nature and sport photographers.